New England Historical Documents

New England Historical Documents
from the Robert Levi Berry Family Papers Collection

The documents below, from the collection of the late Robert Levi Berry (1931—2008), a South Hampton, New Hampshire, antiques dealer, are available exclusively to by the courtesy of his daughter, Melissa Davenport Berry.

Receipts signed by George Bruce, Israel Reed, and Thomas Bruce.

A document identifying Joseph Poor as surveyor of highways. The reverse lists men who received payment for repairing roads.

The reverse is a list of payments made to Continental soldiers in May 1778, including Deacon Thurston, Henry Poor, Stephen Hardy Jr., Samuel Plummer, Thomas Burpe, Benjamin Paul, Silas Poor, Samuel Longfellow, Thomas Pike, Deacon Joseph Searl, and William Longfellow.

Petition from Jeremiah Poor, Benjamin Poor, and Capt. Joseph Poor (as guardian of Silas Poor) to Benjamin Greenleaf, probate judge, to appoint Capt. Daniel Chute, Capt. Timothy Jackman, Oliver Tenney, Henry Poor, and Noyes Pearson to a committee for the estate's division.

Witnessed by Joseph Poor Jr. and John Poor.

Foss, as guardian of Sarah A. Kenney (heir of Jacob Kenney), sold the property to Berrey for $402.60. Jacob Kinney Jr. purchased the land from Samuel C. Pitman in 1828. Others mentioned include Dennis Babb, Isaiah Evans, Ralph Babb, Samuel Avery, John Holmes and Joseph Boodey.