Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe?
GenealogyMagazine is a free, online journal. No subscription is required to access the site, nor do we publish a print edition.

May I reprint one of your articles in my newsletter, book, website or blog?
Permission is usually given for lengthy excerpts or reprints; however, policies vary by our arrangement with each contributor. Since all material is covered by copyright, permission is required. Requests must identify the publication in which the reprint will appear.

I've written a book that would be of interest to genealogists. Can I submit a copy for review?
Yes. Complimentary, non-returnable copies of books or other products of genealogical and/or historical significance may be submitted for consideration by the editors of GenealogyMagazine.com for review. Please include full ordering details with each submission. Send items for review to: Reviews, GenealogyMagazine.com, P.O. Box 1587, Stephenville, TX 76401 (USA)

How do I submit articles to your site?
As most of our articles are in-house or specifically commissioned, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Can you give me research advice about tracing my family tree?
Due to staff limitations, we cannot respond to specific inquiries or research advice.

Do you undertake genealogical research for a fee?
No. We do, however, recommend the services of Genealogists.com.